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Sydney Taxi Fare Estimator

Get Taxi Fare Estimate Sydney before you book Sydney Maxi Cab. Calculate your taxi fare now then go for taxi booking.

The below taxi estimator tool provides you approximate taxi price for Sydney Travel, So that you can conclude in slight variation.

Because of Sydney traffic price may change as per the rush hours. So please call your taxi operator for fixed price or meter fare.

How Much It Costs For Sydney TAXI ?

The price of a Taxi/Maxi in Sydney depends on many factors. These are,

From these components the taxi price can be estimated. Here with WAV CABS, you do not have to calculate this by yourself, WAV offers you the possibility to do it for you free of cost. Simply enter the pickup and destination of the desired taxi ride in the fields above. Our App will take calculate price for the desired taxi ride in Sydney in just a few seconds.

Sydney Taxi Fare Break Down As Per NSW Govt

Your Sydney taxi fare is made up of different charges.

Find Out Below, (sedan 4 seater Taxi)the maximum amounts that rank/hail taxis can charge you when travelling in country areas. Hire charge: $4.10

Distance rate: $2.26 per kilometre for the first 12km, then $3.13 per kilometre thereafter

Night distance rate: $2.63 per kilometre (from 10 pm – 6 am)

Holiday distance rate: $2.71 per kilometre for the first 12km, then $3.75 per kilometre thereafter (6 am to 10 pm on Sundays and Public Holidays.)

Waiting time: $57.65 per hour (96c per minute) while vehicle speed is less than 26 km/h

Cleaning Charge: if you dirty the taxi/maxi, you may be charged up to $120

NOTE: 11 Seater MAXI Price may differ from above rate cards as per your special requirements.

What Is Passenger Service Lavy Charge?

The temporary $1 Passenger Service Levy currently applies to all point to point transport trips in NSW as per Govt, including taxi trips. A total of $1.10 will be added to your fare ($1 + 10 cents GST) if the service provider elects to pass on the cost of the levy fee to their passengers.

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