Camden is a historic town in Sydney city, and its located in south-west of Sydney, New South Wales.

Located 65 kilometres from the Sydney central business district. And It was the administrative center for the local city government area of Camden Council, until June&August 2016 and it is a part of the MacArthur region.

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This area now known as Camden and it was originally at the northern edge of the land owned by the Gandangara people, of the southern highlands who called it Benkennie meaning “dry land”.

North of the Nepean River were the Muringong, the most southerly of the Darug people, while to the east were the Tharawal people.

They lived in expanded family groups of 30 to 50 members, hunting kangaroos, eels and possums, and harvesting yams and other seasonal fruits and vegetables from the region.

They have been described as “short, stocky, strong and beautifully constructed” and generally regarded as peaceful.

However, as British settled families encroached on their land and reduced their sources of resources and food, they turned to armed resistance which ended in 1816 after many of them were massacred.

Between 1882 and 1962, Camden area was attached to Campbelltown and Sydney by the Camden railway line.

Campbelltown is served by Camden Airport which is mainly used by trainee pilots for flight schools, the Australian Air League and other forms of general aviation. Looking For a taxi from Campbelltown To Airport? Then we are here to serve you better.

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To Sydney CBD: $TBA (approx.)

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